Yesterday a 9 year old asked “What’s your favorite thing about surfing, is it THE NATURE?”

My response:


And what could be better than the feeling of riding the waves in the nature!

What I love most, surfing, literally wouldn’t exist without a healthy environment.

The current health of our planet earth is effing sketchy, there’s no sugar coating it. It is sad, and maddening, and scary AND there is still a whole lot of beauty that is absolutely worth fighting for.

Two action steps I invite you to join me in are:

1. planting SEA-TREES to become climate positive.

2. protecting the places I love by partnering with Save The Waves an organization which literally saves waves through a unique combination of protected areas, economics and direct action.

Every little bit counts. I really truly believe that with conscious effort, and together we win. And I pray to the goddesses and gods and universe that healthy oceans beautiful waves will be available for all people to enjoy for an eternity.