Partnering with Innovators & Trailblazers

What do you need to know about partnering with BV?

Bianca is a trailblazer and innovator focused on creating a better future with more opportunities for all athletes.  She partners with people and brands who share similar values and also aspire to achieve the “impossible”.

Bianca is a passionate  friend collector, mentor and leader.  Team building, positivity and commitment are a few of her core strengths. 

As an athlete who’s dedicated to the “marathon” and “the sprint” she loves building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships no matter how small or big the project.

Working with clients on marketing and delivery from social media to network,  she also enjoys fireside chats and key note speaking to inspire audiences and coach them on mindset.

Recent clients include: T3MP3ST, Draft Kings, Toyota, Bank of the West, Silicon Valley Bank, Lyft, Playing Bigger, Cliff/Luna Bar, Splunk, and Survey Monkey.