EARTH DAY! Climate action.

Join us live 1-3pm pst I go at 2:30pm

People for the Planet Summit : Today, April 22nd, 2020 : Earth Day!  The theme of today’s earth day is CLIMATE ACTION and I will be chatting about Why Healthy Oceans Matter and how we can take #climateaction to support Ocean Health.

One way to do this today is to HELP KELP and Patch the Planet with my friends at SeaTrees.  Did you know kelp grows 2ft a day!? And it is the equivalent of the rainforest underwater!! With the purchase of one of the limited edition hats we can save an entire Kelp Forrest in LA today! That is awesome.

The summit will be brought to you live by Pela Case the phone and accessory company dedicated to creating a waste free future.  Join us to enjoy inspiring chats with people who care and a mid show performance with CeeLoo! PFTP Order of Events

It’s funny to think that today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day when the earth is 4.5 billion years old!?

And the earliest humans are 200,000 years old?!  Wow.  Happy Earth Day.  Together we can make a difference.